zCage.com Apps LLC is the parent company to many endeavors…

MySongbookApp.com – Music binder app used by thousands.

MySongbookApp This iOS and Mac App holds your music collection. No more carrying around your heavy folders and music books, your iOS device is now all you need for your chord charts and guitar tabs. Take your entire songbook of chord charts wherever you’re going to be performing or practicing.


  • zCage.com – This site…
  • SmartGigDriver.com – Information (and free App) for folks working in the Gig Economy.
  • InfestedWithHumans.org – I blog about the environment, electric cars, and sustainability. Hoping to raise awareness and make the world a better place.
  • ChargeDischarge.com – This is a test website to demo some new web deployment technology. Not actively being expanded, but still pretty cool.
  • SleepApneaPlus.com – While struggling with sleep apnea, I came across what I believe to be novel discoveries about the treatment of sleep breathing disorders. I decided I needed to share, and in doing so I also explore other web development technologies.

iOS Music Apps

AmidioInc.com – Home to several extraordinary Music Apps but these are mostly unsupported at this time…