What is going on with zCage.com?

Hi, I’m Eric Elfner, an independent technology entrepreneur. I established zCage.com in 2002 with basic tinkering. Now, I’m better described as semi-retired and trying to leave a positive impact on the world.

I continue to have a handful of active initiatives and I am always finding additional endeavors.

For almost a decade, I worked out of the HCDC co-work incubator (now Alloy Growth Lab). Now I am more of a digital nomad working out of various locations. I have several mobile apps and blog sites that I continue to support and enhance. Prior to going Indie, I was a corporate Java Enterprise developer. I got intrigued with Apple products and mobile applications long ago. In 2014, I dove in full time leaving my corporate job and starting up zCage.com Apps LLC. The business never really took off, but did provide me freedom and time to pursue my interests and try to make a positive impact.

Please drop me a note at info @zcage.com.

Thanks for looking, Eric